Slate of Officers 2010-2011

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Over the last month, the nominating committee has been developing a slate of officers for the 2010-2011 fraternal year. Please review the slate of officers below as voting will be held at our May meeting. This slate will be officially announced at our April meeting. If anyone would like to make additional nominations, you can do so at that time, or at the May meeting before voting. If you would like to make an additional nomination, please email Jerry or Jim, but keep in mind you will also have to do so in person at the meeting, or, get someone to do so on your behalf. When we vote in May, we can either accept the sleight of officers as is, or vote for each position if there are multiple nominees. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to email Corey.

The proposed sleight of officers is as follows:

Position Nominee
Grand Knight Jerry Huinker
Deputy Grand
Corey Schoenherr
Chancellor Jason Hughes
Advocate Loren Becht
Recorder Bill Henderson
Warden Mike Grant
Inside Guard Richard Zych
Outside Guard Roger Vachon
Treasurer Mike O’Dowd
1 Year Trustee Kurt Rackow
2 Year Trustee Tim Davidson
3 Year Trustee Jim Kaltinger
Chuck Graziano has 2
years left on 3 year term
Lector John Huinker-
appointed by Grand Knight
Chaplain We will ask the new
Pastor to be our Chaplain