A message from the Grand Knight

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To Council Members and their families:

The month of July marks the beginning of the 2010-2011 Year of the Knights of Columbus.  I am very proud to be part of the Knights of Columbus Council #12801.  Our Council has been singled out this year as being a very active and generous one.  With the secular temptations in the world today, I truly feel that we have to be strong loyal soldiers of Christ.


After making “Star Council” this past year, it is important for us to continue the momentum that we have established.  We will have two membership drives like we did last year, as well as a number of smaller gatherings to involve our fellow parishioners.  One of the ideas is to have a Family Night at the movies with popcorn and beverages.  One of the movies will be Champions of Faith featuring Mike Piazza and other Major League All Stars.


Charity does not consist of money alone.  As we begin this New Year, our treasury is not overflowing.  I suggest that we channel our efforts in volunteering our time in helping those who need it.   Information on people who need this help could be obtained at the Parish Office or through neighbors.  An example would be Van Service for seniors to attend Mass and also actions in helping the Food Pantry.


We will have many social gatherings this year.  We should make a point of making the rounds at meetings to ask how each Knight is doing, especially new members.  When a Knight is in need, help if you can.  Reach out to them if they are hospitalized or in need of a ride, job hunting, etc.  This action really impressed me when I joined the Council.


Be a good citizen by talking up our great country and letting our neighbors know how we stand by our good example. Pray for our troops and support their efforts as they fight for our rights to keep our Country strong and free.

Jerry Huinker