Village Recognizes St. John’s 50th Anniversary

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Streamwood Plaque

WHEREAS, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church was dedicated in the Village of Streamwood on June 23, 1962; and

WHEREAS, the Church’s first mass was celebrated with nearly 300 families in 1962 and with the rapid growth of the Catholic population, planning and construction followed for a combined school and place of worship; and

WHEREAS, the Church is dedicated to assisting families in the eduction of their children by providing classes for kindergarten through eighth grade in addition to providing evening and weekend religious education programs; and

WHEREAS, throughout its history, the Church has participated in numerous community activities including the Country Fair, sponsoring Bingo at Summer Celebration, and supporting scouting groups and the needy through their food pantry and charitable collections; and

WHEREAS, under the direction of Father Ted Schmitt, the Church has endeavored to become a more integral part of our overall community; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary to recognize St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church’s many contributions to the community and their ongoing dedication to the Village of Streamwood.Village of Streamwood Proclamation

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the President and the Board of Trustees of the Village of Streamwood, Cook County, Illinois, do hereby proclaim June 23, 2012, as ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CATHOLIC CHURCH DAY in the Village of Streamwood and join with the entire community in congratulating the Church on their 50th Anniversary as they continue to help make Streamwood a great place for families to live, play, learn, and worship.


Billie Roth Presentation Village Streamwood Presentation

Dated this 21st day of June, 2012

Billie D. Roth, Village President