2015 Knight of the Year

Jerry Dzurovsak / Gino Martinez
Presented by Loren Becht, Past Grand Knight


Jerry Dzurovsak

This Knight came to our council and became a fourth degree Knight.  He is currently a Trustee.  During the Lenten season you will find him on Friday nights cooking fish and french-fries outside in the tent. In the summer time you can also find him again in the tent calling out Bingo Numbers or selling Bingo cards. This Brother Knight presented an idea for a fundraiser and Chaired the Committee for Bingo Bonanza. You will see him on the street corner supporting the Intellectually Disabled or better known as the Tootsie Roll Drive. Whenever he is asked to help out he would say 2 words when and where. Would you please applaud Sir Knight Jerry Dzurovsak and thank him for all that he does and God Bless. (Accepting the award was Kathy Dzurovsak, Jerry’s wife, because he was on a business trip).

Gino Martinez

This Knight came to our Council and became a 4th degree Knight. He is currently Chancellor for our Council. He helps out at the pancake breakfast.  He is involved with the Parish Pastoral Council.  He is in charge of recruiting new members.  He is deeply involved with the youth of our community, as a Pack Leader with the Boy Scouts.  He has organized the Nerf Tournament, which I think will become an annual event, again involving the young people. Would you please applaud Sir knight Gino Martinez and thank him for all that he does and God Bless.