Founders Day 2018

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Founder's Day
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March 29, 1892

New Haven, Connecticut

Father McGivneyIn March, 1892, as the Connecticut winter grew to a close, a small group of men, led by Father Michael McGivney, sought to found a new Catholic Fraternal Organization to protect their fellow men and their families.

Since Catholics weren’t well liked, not many people paid much attention to the new society which had just been chartered by the state. Who would have thought that this organization would grow to what it is today.

It was baffling to think that a group of destitute Irish immigrants, fighting against unemployment, discrimination and diseases in New Haven, Connecticut, would cause a spark that would light up the world with more than 1.9 million members in more than a dozen countries.

kofc_insturance_transAnd what, exactly, did they found? Father McGivney, we know, did not just found a charitable society, but a society of mutual aid through which members would insure their own well-being, and that of their families, with the help of their brother Knights.

Today a group of  men dedicated to serving the needs of their Catholic community have donated nearly $1.9 billion dollars to charitable causes and spent more than 75 million hours volunteering last year. These men are carrying on Father McGivney’s dream. We need more men to help us in our mission. Would you like to join us in our mission? We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our organization with you.

Before deciding that a new group was in order, Father McGivney researched the finer points of other fraternal benefit organizations’ insurance programs, ultimately concluding that their coverage was insufficient. How proud must he be to know that the Knights of Columbus continues to provide insurance by brother Knights, for brother Knights, protecting Catholic families for generations?