Keep Christ in Christmas

Knights Newsletter Comments Off on Keep Christ in Christmas

Millions of people in North America were reminded to “Keep Christ in Christmas” thanks to the efforts of the Knights of Columbus. The campaign included public service announcements aired in the United States during the Christmas season, as well as a variety of local programs in support of the campaign that included signs, billboards, Nativity scenes and Christmas cards.

“In a society where Christmas has often become shorthand for shopping, many who celebrate Christmas can lose sight of it true meaning. Those who celebrate Christmas give gifts to each other because it is the day on which we celebrate the greatest gift: God’s gift of his son to the world,” said Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. “Christmas is about ‘peace on earth toward people of good will’ and we think that’s a message worth remembering.”

Mary’s Millennium Council conducted a “Keep Christ in Christmas” poster contest in conjunction with St. John’s School.  Winners from the council contest will advance to the district level.  We’ll show you some of the posters and announce the winners in a future article.  This is the traditional start of a series of Kids Programs we conduct each fiscal year.    We wish you a Merry Christmas.