Happy Mothers Day

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Today we honor Mary, our Blessed Mother and Mother of Jesus Christ, as well as all mothers – living and deceased. In churches across the world, there were May Crowning’s and special blessings for Mothers.

This day has become a commercialized holiday in many parts of the world, especially in the United States. Hopefully that doesn’t change the underlying reason for the special observance – honoring those loving women who have given the precious gift of life. It is fitting that they be the recipient of gifts and loving affection today.

Knight’s Prayer to Mary


Mary, Queen of the Knights, guide all the activities of our Order. Keep us true to our pledge to extend the kingship of your divine son on earth. Through your intercession, win for us the grace ever to exemplify in our public and private lives, the virtues which should characterize those especially dedicated to the service of God’s Kingdom. Make us always aware that as your Knights we are constantly observed, our faith judged, and our Order appreciated. Accept, O Mary, this renewed pledge of loyalty and devotion of your Sons, the Knights of Columbus. Amen.