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From the Desk of the Grand Knight …

Dear Brother Knight,

As I settle in my new role as your Grand Knight, I’m taking inventory of what we have done well, and what we can do better.  I believe one of our biggest challenges is keeping you informed on what is happening in the council.   We faced some challenges this past month with schedules being changed, due to requests from the parish.  That meant that many of you were either unaware of the change in meeting dates, or had conflicts, which meant you couldn’t attend in person.  We attempted to communicate the changes in several ways and hopefully most of you got the information.   This post is the next step, to improving our communication.

How Do We Communicate?

This website and our Facebook page are two of the main vehicles we utilize to keep you informed.   You don’t need to have a login to the website or Facebook to see the majority of the information.  You must have a login to access meeting minutes on the website, however.  From time to time, there could be other sensitive information which might require logging in.

We have two Facebook pages – one for general news and the other for the Knights Challenge 5K .


In addition, we publish a monthly Newsletter (entitled Knightly Newsletter) via email.  If you don’t receive it, there could be problems with your mail provider blocking it, or we might not have your latest email address.   Please use the contact us form to ask us to check.    We are now posting this newsletter online as well for those that don’t receive it via email.

Phone Tree – we have a phone tree in place as well, which we utilize from time to time.  If you’ve never gotten a phone call from us, please make sure that we have your current number.

What Events Are Occurring?

At the July meeting, we distributed a six-month calendar for the remainder of this calendar year.   We’ve also posted it online.  In addition, both Knights and Ladies individual Event pages are posted on the website.  In the left margin, you’ll see date entries for the next 5 events for Knights and Ladies.  If you click on the “view calendar” button, you can see current, previous, or future events by category.   The 1H 2019-20 Fiscal Year Calendar ( 6 month calendar ) can be viewed or printed (PDF).  It it changes, the last updated date will be changed.

Please make note of the upcoming events and watch for any updates on the web, FB, or via emails.


Help When You Can

I’ve circled two of the important menu items on the Knights drop-down tab. The first is the Knightly Newsletters and the second is the Sign-Up Sheets.   Just click on the drop-down arrow next to “Knights” on the menu bar and then select the appropriate menu selection.

We will continue to have sign-up sheets passed around at our planning and business meetings.   We will then input that information into the online sign-up sheets.  By doing this, reminder emails will be sent from our system automatically.  In addition, the organizer of the event can see how many people are signed up and whether he has sufficient coverage for the event.

If you can’t attend a meeting, but want to participate in the event, these online forms make it possible.  We also list the contact person in case you have any additional questions not answered on the website or other communication that you received.

Still have questions?

Officers & Program Directors Roster – (PDF) restricted to members

You will need to request a login to the website to access the link above to the roster.   This is a one-time request using the contact us (envelope icon above).

Thank you for all you do for our council.  We have accomplished many great things in the past and I look forward to working with you in this upcoming fiscal year to continue that tradition.  I realize that each of you have many commitments and can’t participate in every event.   Anything that you can do will help.