Let Us Pray for Healing

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Prayer composed by Pope Francis seeks Our Lady’s Intercession

Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori, the supreme chaplain of the Knights of Columbus, has asked his parishioners, members of the Knights and others to join in a novena invoking the intercession of Mary to aid the sick and all who are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Novena for Protection (PDF)



A Prayer Amid an Epidemic (Click for PDF)

Prayer to Mary Our Lady of Health

Faith: in time like these we must learn to pray often. To help you below you will find a prayer to Mary Our Lady of Health. However, we must also turn to the bible and the teachings contained therein, the bible will tell us not only the history of events like this, but how God will guide us through this event with His love of each of us here on earth. God is the only one who that can give or take life, he rules over all of His creation and He is a Merciful God so try not to fear in that love.  (Click for PDF)