The First Easter

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Our Field Agent, Crispin Jones, shared this in our May Business Meeting.

A short essay has made its way around the internet over the past month.  It spoke to me and I would like to refer to it and the comparison of these last weeks.

The very first Easter was not in a crowded worship space with singing and praising.  On the very first Easter the disciples were locked in their house.  It was dangerous for them to come out. They were afraid…If they left their homes their lives and the lives of their loved ones might be at risk.

Alone in their homes they dared to believe that hope was possible, that God’s love was the most powerful…Eventually, they were able to leave their homes, when the fear and danger had subsided.  They went around celebrating and spreading the good news that Jesus was risen and love was the most powerful force on the earth.

This year, we might get to experience a taste of what that first Easter was like, still in our homes daring to believe that hope is on the horizon.  Then, after a while, when it is safe for all people, when it is the most loving choice, we will come out, gathering together, singing and shouting the good news that God brings life even out of death, that love always has the final say!

This year we might get the closest taste we have had yet to what that first Easter was like.

Although the author is unknown, it’s a sobering thought to remember that the disciples were worried, scared, hiding alone…”sheltering in place.”

Perhaps being with our loved ones for this extended period of time has opened your eyes a bit.  I know it has opened mine.  What’s really important in my life?  What are my priorities?  What are my opportunities to serve…to love?

As we pray for a return to our normal lives let’s pledge to not let the lessons of these past weeks be forgotten when we return to the hustle and bustle of “normalcy.”

Vivat Jesus!