It’s More Than a Tootsie Roll

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The 51st Annual Intellectual Disabilities or “Tootsie Roll” Fund Drive will be held September 18-19-20, 2020. It is one of the most recognizable activities that the Knights of Columbus do. The funds generated from this drive are used to support local programs which aid and contribute to organizations devoted to the care of individuals and particularly those inflicted with one or more forms of Intellectual disability.

Typically, at this time of year, you would see Knights in yellow vests that read “Helping People with Intellectual Disabilities” on the street corners and in front of store fronts around town.  For every donation, each donor is offered a piece of candy in appreciation by the Knight present, most commonly a Tootsie Roll, but the Knights have no official ties to Tootsie Roll Industries. This year, due to the pandemic, those visible signs may be missing, but the need is still there – even greater than in the past.

When Father Michael J. McGivney founded the Knights in 1882, times were remarkably like today, with illness and unemployment.  Our fraternal order was created to care for and protect the members and their families.  Our core principles, which include charity, have not changed since our founding.  Just as those initial men did during a pandemic of their own, the Knights of today are looking to continue our efforts during this time of crisis.   We need your help to be successful.

We must be creative to accomplish our goals, taking safety of our volunteers and the public to heart in our planning.  Our council is working closely with the Supreme, State, and other local Councils of the KofC, as well as state, local, and church officials, to plan our 2020 campaign.   Parts of our plans may need to change right up until the planned date of the event in September.

Please bookmark this page – it will be updated with our detailed plans.   Donations are encouraged via the various options we will list here.   The more donations we can receive through these virtual means, the less risk to our volunteers or the public.   We thank you for your past contributions to this annual campaign and hope that you will be able to assist us this year as well.

Councils’ participation in this campaign as well as many other fund-raising endeavors contributed $185 million and volunteered over 75 million hours helping various causes last year.

So, the next time you see a Knight in a yellow vest asking for donations outside a grocery store, and you receive a Tootsie Roll, remember it is more than a “Tootsie Roll Drive.” It is a chance to provide people with intellectual and physical disabilities more resources to live a happy life.