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As I listened to the Supreme Knight’s opening convention speech, it struck me that this is exactly the message we need to get out to all our fellow Catholics.

I strongly encourage you to watch his opening speech if you haven’t had an opportunity to do so.  The reason I said “watch his speech” is that there is a tremendous video component to his presentation as well.

Not only did the Supreme Knight give a history lesson of the founding of our Order, but he also covered key milestones of our involvement with so many important issues since our beginning.  Not to mention our many, many charitable endeavors and how we have helped so many others…and changed lives one project at a time.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt prouder to be a member of The Knights of Columbus than after watching his presentation.  I strongly encourage you to watch it with your wife and family.

When we invite a man to join the Knights of
Columbus, we are not simply inviting him to do
something. We are inviting him to be someone.
We are inviting him to be a man of charity, unity
and fraternity.



This video is an incredible reinforcement and recruiting tool for our order.

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