Virtual Social Recap

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Have you ever watched any of the Food Network’s cooking challenges? Our favorites are the ones that Guy Fieri produces Guy’s Grocery Games and Diners Drive-ins and Dives. During the pandemic Guy has changed them into virtual shows where the contestants make their dishes and describe them to the judges.

Normally in January the Knights and Ladies of Mary’s Millennium gather with their families in the parish center and enter a crockpot or dessert dish into our competition. Everyone present tastes all the entries (you better be hungry) and then votes on their favorites. Here is a recap of our virtual competition this past Saturday.

Grand Knight, Gary Pappin, made a simple Crockpot Taco Pasta. He produced a video and posted it on YouTube. During the social, he played it for all in attendance. John Gurrieri was the judge for the evening, since he didn’t have an entry this time since he just got home from work before the start of the event.

Next entry is from Jerry Huinker – it’s a Chili recipe (which used to be the only dish we each made). He confessed that he didn’t actually make the chili – it was part of what was supposed to be a family dinner get together. He did however, show us pictures of him enjoying the dish.

Bill Henderson was perhaps the most creative. He showed us an empty dish and the envelope of a beef stroganoff recipe. He brought the meal to Father Gregg and Father Nate, along with a survey and some beverages, and asked them to complete the survey after they enjoyed the meal. At the time of the social, he hadn’t received the feedback.  We have received positive feedback since then.

For the Dessert Cookoff, Arlene Huinker entered her Apple Crisp dessert which Jerry happily taste tested.  While Chris Pappin made her Cherry Date Skillet cookies using her secret ingredient (Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter).

Scoring for the event was based on the following scale:

First place for the Knights as Gary’s Taco Pasta, with Jerry’s Chili and Bill’s Beef Stroganoff coming in second and third respectively.   Arlene took top honors for the Ladies with Chris coming in second place.   Everyone had a great time just hanging out for a couple of hours.

January is the time we usually take a breather from all the fund-raising and charitable works done in the fourth quarter.   We know how to work hard to accomplish our goals, and we also know how to relax and enjoy each other’s fellowship.

If this sounds like an organization you’d like to be a part of, please contact us to learn more.

Often times we hear that people are too busy with family and work to help out.  This is really not the case!  We don’t want you to leave your family to participate in a charitable program, we want you to lead your family in charitable action. What I have found was that just an hour here or an hour there could make a big difference to people in need, while putting our common faith into action.