Father’s Day 2021

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Father's Day Prayer

Happy Father’s Day …

Men, your presence and mission in the family is irreplaceable! Step up and lovingly, patiently take up your God-given role as protector, provider, and spiritual leader of your home. A father’s role as spiritual head of the family must never be understood or undertaken as domination over others, but only as a loving leadership and a gentle guidance for those in your care. Your fatherhood, my fatherhood, in its hidden, humble way, reflects imperfectly but surely the Fatherhood of God, the Father to those whom the Lord has given us to father.” (Into the Breach: An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men)

Next Saturday the TMIY / KofC Into the Breach Summer Video Series continues with the topic of “Fatherhood”.   Join us at 7:40 AM to explore this topic further.

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Understanding the Breach

The video emphasizes the responsibility of fathers to educate and form their children. Curtis Martin says that when fathers “abdicate” the responsibility to form their children, they rob their children “of one of the most significant influences in their life,” leaving them “fatherless.” Matt Birk says that things like prayer and saying the rosary in the family is the “father’s job.”

A FATHER IS … A Protector … Involved … A Loving Husband … AND SO MUCH MORE.

The Knights of Columbus has another initiative for men, Fathers for Good (fathersforgood.org) we invite you to visit. Whether you are a seasoned dad, a new dad, a dad to be, or a single guy wanting to know more about fatherhood, this Web site is for you.

There is a role only a father can fill and gifts only a father can give. In a culture that often does not favor fatherhood or masculine virtue, we wish to highlight the unique contributions of men, husbands, and fathers. The world would be lacking without them.

The Knights of Columbus wish all the fathers a Happy Father’s Day. May you have many years of happiness surrounded by your families.

We pray for those fathers who have gone home to their Heavenly Father. We encourage all fathers to take advantage of the resources provided through the Knights of Columbus to live up to your potential and become better fathers. God Bless.