Thank You St. John’s Parish

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One of the founding principles of the Knights of Columbus is Charity.   This principle drives much of our program activities throughout the year.  Our charitable activities depend on the generosity of others and once again, St. John’s Parishioners have made our programs successful.

Disaster Relief

We are gratified by the outpouring of support last weekend for the Tornado victims of suburban Chicago.  Woodridge and the surrounding area are only 30 minutes away from us, so we could easily have been the ones needing help.  Homes were damaged, lives were changed forever, but your contributions bring hope and a new birth to the lives impacted.   We were especially pleased to see parents giving their children the money to put in our jars.  They are learning charity at an early age.

Thank you St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church Streamwood, IL for supporting Mary’s Millennium Council #12801 fund-raising efforts for Tornado Victims.

Gary Pappin, PGK delivered $2500 in gift cards to Jerry Bevignani, General Assistance Fund Chairman Illinois State Council Knights of Columbus for distribution to those needing some assistance in the wake of the tornado that tore through Woodridge and surrounding area.  The gift cards will be distributed Saturday July 18th at St. Scholastica Church in Woodridge.


In May, we collected donations for the Homeless Veterans.  We would like to share the thank you note from the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans.  While it is directed to the Knights, again, you made it possible.   Thank you for all you do for others by supporting our programs.

Thank you to everyone at the Knights of Columbus for your Incredible donation earlier this month!  The items you provided were immediately put to use with our outreach program to connect with more veterans in need.  You guys have been amazing to MSHV over the years, and we are very blessed to call you our friends.  Take care and stay safe.

Josh T., MSHV

Hanover Township Food Pantry

Supporting the township food pantry is one of our primary missions each year.  Currently there are several activities underway that you can be a part of.  The parish is collecting for the Freedom from Hunger drive and donations are coming in.

We will be raffling two tickets to the Bears vs Green Bay Packers game at the Parish Picnic.  Raffle tickets can be purchased by asking a Knight or purchasing at the picnic.  They can also be purchased online at

Registration is open for our 8th Annual Knights Challenge 5k Run / Walk / Kids Dash.  Visit our website for more information.  We need participants and sponsors.  Proceeds from these events help to keep food on the shelves of the food pantry.

May God Bless you and your families for your charity.