Beatification of our Founder

McGivney Beatification

Making of a Saint

On May 26, 2020, Pope Francis approved a decree recognizing a miracle attributed to the intercession of Father McGivney. A much-anticipated step toward sainthood, the pope’s approval opens the way for Father McGivney to be beatified and declared Blessed. The next step in the process will be a beatification Mass, to be held October 31,2020, in the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford, Conn. At that time, the founder of the Knights of Columbus will be declared “Blessed” and his feast day will be set. Father McGivney will be the first U.S.-born priest to be beatified who spent his entire priestly ministry in a parish. This is a great boost to the priesthood and to the Catholic Church in America.  Read More>

Novena Before Beatification

Join a Novena Before Beatification

On Oct. 31, Father McGivney is to be named “Blessed” by Pope Francis. That day, the Church will declare what many have long believed — that the holy soul of Father McGivney can intercede for us before the throne of God.

In the past, miracles have occurred for those who pray at the time of a beatification. So, as we count down the days to this amazing event, we invite you to join brother Knights and Catholics across the world in praying a special novena from Thursday, Oct. 22, to Friday, Oct. 30.

The brand new novena features commentary on the life of Father McGivney, as well as unique petitions and daily intentions close to our founder’s heart. We hope that through these prayers and petitions many will be brought closer to God and that we ourselves may renew our love of God and neighbor.

A downloadable version of the novena can be found here. You can also sign up to receive a daily email, which will include the unique petitions and prayers for each of the nine days of the novena. Click here for details.

Beatification October 31, 2020

Father McGivney’s beatification Mass will be broadcast live by EWTN, Salt + Light TV and CatholicTV.

Watch EWTN live here.

There are several events planned (click title for live stream) :


Friday, October 30 at 7:00p.m. – 9:00p.m. ET at Saint Mary’s Church in New Haven, CT


Saturday, October 31 at 11:00 a.m. ET at Saint Joseph’s Cathedral in Hartford, CT


Sunday, November 1 at 12 p.m. ET at Saint Mary’s Church in New Haven, CT

We are invited to reflect on the holy life of Father Michael J. McGivney at this moment in history.

Michael McGivney came of age just as soldiers were returning from the bloodiest war fought on American soil. The eldest son of an immigrant family, he put off studying for the priesthood to support his family by working for three years in a spoon factory. Later, he attended the seminary, learning a foreign language to better serve the local people. The untimely death of his father foreshadowed a focus on family life that would become the hallmark of his priestly efforts.

When he became a parochial vicar, he was assigned to serving a parish in massive debt. He was just 29 years-old at the time, but he served his community well — by founding what would become one of the largest lay organizations in the Catholic Church.

He was a priest whose zeal for souls led him to convert a convicted murderer. He was a preacher whose message of hope, charity and truth inspired the conversions of Yale undergraduates and the daughter of a Protestant clergyman. He was a man whom soldiers followed; a leader whose vision created room for new leaders to serve in new roles in the Church. He enjoyed baseball and skeet shooting, encouraged young adults to join drama and abstinence societies. He refused to permit the breakup of families.

This new documentary explores the life, legacy and impact of Father Michael McGivney, apostle of spiritual brotherhood and unity, who founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882.

Discover Fr. Michael McGivney’s road to Beatification & possible future Sainthood | EWTN Vaticano

EWTN is also airing “Father McGivney: A Priest for our Time.” This 60-minute special episode will air Oct. 28 at 10 p.m. with encores on Oct. 30 at 5 p.m., Oct. 31 at 2 p.m. and Nov. 1 at 1:30 pm. Watch EWTN live here.

Additional Reading

Dan and Michelle Schachle of Dickson, Tennessee, believed in miracles so much that they even prayed to Father Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus, to intercede with God to save their son, still in his mother’s womb, who was given no hope of surviving a life-threatening case of fetal hydrops, a dangerous accumulation of fluids throughout the body.

Road To Beatification For Father McGivney

McGivney is best known for founding the Knights of Columbus in 1882. Nearly a century before the Second Vatican Council, his prescient vision empowered the laity to serve Church and neighbor in a new way. Today, the Knights of Columbus is one of the largest Catholic organizations in the world with 2 million members in North and Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe.

Fr. McGivney Miracle Approved

In March 1892, as the Connecticut winter grew to a close, a small group of men, led by Father Michael McGivney, sought to found a new Catholic Fraternal Organization to protect their fellow men and their families. Since Catholics weren’t well liked, not many people paid much attention to the new society which had just been chartered by the state. Who would have thought that this organization would grow to what it is today?

Founder’s Day 2020