Council Officers 2011-2012

The following is the slated list of elected officers for the 2011-2012 Fraternal Year.

Grand Knight – Corey Schoenherr
Deputy Grand Knight – Kurt Rackow
Chancellor – Loren Becht
Treasurer – Mike O’Dowd
Recorder – Bill Henderson
Financial Secretary – Chuck Graziano
Lecturer – John Huinker the Elder
Advocate – Pete Kippes
Warden – Rich Zych
Inside Guard – John Huinker the Younger
Outside Guard – Phil Roth

1 Year – Jerry Huinker
2 Year – Tim Davidson
3 Year – Jim Kaltinger

Service Committees:
Community – Roger Vachon
Council – Kurt Rackow
Spiritual – Dcn. Jim Furey
Family – Adam Kanyuh
Pro-Life – Jerry Huinker
Youth – Dick Scheffkl

Other Committees:
Membership – Josh Siegle
Prayer/Hospice – Louis Rodriguez
Tootsie Roll – Adam Kanyuh / Phil Roth

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