Council Officers 2013-2014

2013-2014 Officers as elected by majority vote are:

Grand Knight Loren Becht
Deputy GK Bill Henderson
Chancellor Gino Martinez
Warden Phil Roth
Recorder Ronald Jurcy
Treasurer Mike O’Dowd
Advocate Gary Pappin
Inside Guard Lukasz Mazur
Outside Guard Stanley Kaleta
Trustee (year 1) Jerry Huinker
Trustee (year 2) Bill Brand
Trustee (year 3) Corey Schoenherr
Financial Secretary
(appointed to new, 3 year term)
Chuck Graziano
Lecturer Adam Kanyuh

Service Committees:

Community Roger Vachon
Council Kurt Rackow
Spiritual Dcn. Jim Furey
Family Adam Kanyuh
Pro-Life Jerry Huinker
Youth Dick Scheffkl

Other Committees:

Membership Josh Siegle
Prayer/Hospice Louis Rodriguez
Tootsie Roll Adam Kanyuh
Phil Roth

Note: Committees reflect 2012-13 chairmen

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