Ladies Officers 2020-2021

As elected by majority vote are:

President Joanne Lorkowski
Vice president Carol Zaehler*
Treasurer Leona Shoemaker
Secretary Doraly Witt
Trustee Barbara Scheffki
Nannette Young
Diana Furlan

* Nancy Flick is resigning as Vice President.  She is moving to be closer to her son and his wife. 
She will be missed and we wish her and her family well.  Carol Zaehler was elected at the August meeting.

Standing Committees:

See Committee Descriptions   for complete description of each committee.

Special Event/Hospitality Carol Zahler, Florence
Spiritual Barb Scheffki
Membership Arlene Hunker, Nannette  Young
Public Relations Beth Welke, Shirley Vachon
Church Liaison Carol Zaehler – No longer a committee
Community Event Rose Olmstead, Karen Budnik
Outreach to sick & needy Carol Zaehler, Dorry Dahl
Fundraising Diane Furlan, Karen Diaz
Charitable Donations Leona Shoemaker, Pat Bitz
Historian Chairperson and 1-2 members
Newsletter replaced with the Public Relations committee
Prolife part of Spiritual, McGivney is part of Charitable Donations


Last Updated: 09/26/2020